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Welcome to The Cakov Group Language Solutions, Inc.

We are a full service language company committed to providing our clients unsurpassed quality with personal and attentive service. The Cakov Group, and its certified linguists and professionals have supported the business, government and education sectors at the local, state and national level for more than 15 years.

The scope of our services include language translations, language interpretations, (ASL) American sign language interpretationlanguage instruction and a host of other language related services. Our professional language services have been provided in over 55 languages to clients throughout the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the mid-East. We have assisted Fortune 100 companies, the US Department of State, US AID, US Southern Command, Foreign Governments, and various Government agencies at the national, state and local levels.

Whether your industry is legal, financial, banking, human resources, marketing & advertising, health & medical, pharmaceutical, travel & tourism, entertainment, aviation, security & law enforcement, automotive, or logistics, The Cakov Group has the language translation, language interpretation and sign language interpretation resources ready to meet your expectations.

Our mission is to be the premier global language services company. By providing our clients the means to communicate in any
language and in any form.

The expertise of The Cakov Group’s team of professional and certified linguists allows us to provide extraordinary translations, interpretations and language instruction across a wide range of industries, enabling our clients to communicate effectively with their customers worldwide. We know today’s global marketplace offers you more choices than ever. Choosing a language services company to provide reliable and professional language support can be challenging. We understand and appreciate your needs and concerns for top quality service.

We don’t just talk quality; we deliver it in everything we do.

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Translation Services
The Cakov Group Language Solutions Inc., professional translation service ensures that all documents are accurately translated, edited and proofed prior to delivery. Our all inclusive (TEP) process ensures that all translated documents are consistent, accurate and reliable.

The Cakov Group's attention to detail has earned us a reputation for providing our clients consistent quality, translating over 54 languages to date.

We offer expert translation in all subject matter and document types. (Legal - Training Manuals - Business & Finance - Technical - Medical - Travel - Entertainment - Web Sites - Transcriptions).

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Interpretation Services
The Cakov Group Language Solutions Inc., offers a variety of language interpretation services. We offer both UN-style simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for large conferences and smaller business settings. The Cakov Group uses only state of the art equipment. We can provide Court Certified Interpreters for court interpreting, depositions, legal hearings, mediations, and trials.


In addition we provide ASL Interpretation (American Sign Language) for those that are hearing impaired.

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